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Weed Your Goal Garden…Every Day, Year Round.

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       We weed our gardens when weather permits, usually spring time and fall. When considering our goals, the process occurs year round. Note the intentions you had at the beginning of the year. Research indicates the resolutions we make on the first of January are usually distant memories by the end of the month. Even though we have a lot of company in neglecting our goals, individually we may be saddened and disappointed by our perception of our failure.

       The resolutions we make are ongoing goals, or occur occasionally, or get pushed aside by more pressing priorities. Rather than beating yourself up for not following through on your good intentions, congratulate yourself when you take the time to consider each goal individually.

       This year, when considering each goal and its importance in your life, examine how it makes you feel before, during and after accomplishing it. Get out of your head, get rid of the “shoulds” and look at your emotions surrounding the goal.

       Three Tips when considering what to cull among your
unfinished goals:

       1. Whose goal is it? Your Authentic Self will tell you

if you ask. You’ll know by how you feel when

considering the goal, if you feel good about

accomplishing it, that’s a good indicator of its

relationship to your Authentic Self.


       2. What’s the worst thing that can happen if you fail

to complete it? Remember, you always have a

choice about when or even if to accomplish it.


       3. Do you need help to complete it?

       When “clean the attic” appears on the goal list, do

you feel tired or frustrated? For a moment, consider how it

will feel after the attic is clean. Nowhere is it written that YOU have to clean it. You have the choice to do it yourself, delegate the chore to another member of the family, or hire someone to do it. The end result is the same, a clean attic.

And those wonderful feelings of having a clean attic will motivate you to get it done, regardless of who actually does the work.

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