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NEW – Mindfulness for Modern Times Workshop

Designed for anyone who is overwhelmed by the busy-ness of everyday life:

At home
At work
At play
At school
At everywhere in between!

Mindfulness provides the same benefits as a meditation practice without the time commitment, or the prolonged training. Because mindfulness can be achieved instantly once you learn the training, you can take advantage of the benefits easily and often.

Isn’t it time to join the multitudes who see their lives improve with this ancient eastern practice?

Marlene’s health and wellness practice and presentations now include mindfulness training.

#1 Take a Minute for “Mindfulness”

This short, substantive presentation shares Marlene’s secrets of getting the benefits of meditation in minutes.

Based on her decades of study, Marlene developed this short cut to meditation guaranteed to improve your days.

Twenty minutes AM and PM is a lovely ideal, but who has 40 extra minutes a day to sit in the lotus position in silence?

Oh, and did you forget to pick up your mantra during your last pilgrimage to Nepal?

# 2 Mindfulness for Managers “Lead by Example”

In our frantic day to day lives filled with deadlines and distractions, we lose contact with our bodies as we are swallowed up by the demands from our minds. How ironic that is, since the solution lies within our mind’s ability for conscious living, through the practice of mindfulness!

It’s less about losing contact with your environment than focusing on a single element, object or moment in what’s going on around you when your stress levels exceed your ability to control your reactions to them. 

Mindfulness Methods

There are several techniques you can use under almost any situation to snap your focus back into awareness in the moment. The totality of that awareness can be considered “mindfulness”.

  1. Snap Back: wear a rubber band around one wrist, snap it when things are getting out of control.
  2. Set a reminder on your cell phone for several intervals during the day to remind you to take a minute for mindfulness.
  3. When you do the deep breathing to create a moment of mindfulness, place your hand across your waist and feel your lungs fill with the air everyone needs for “inspiration.”

The key to both techniques, meditation and mindfulness is a relaxed state of mind which is both positive and receptive. By receptive, I don’t mean relinquishing control, rather simply suspending judgment for a moment.

When you evaluate anything that intellectual process uses the part of the brain that interferes with the benefits of meditation or mindfulness.

# 3 And we are all managers in our own lives!

  • Time management improves with mindfulness.
  • Eating habits improve with mindfulness.
  • Sleeping improves with mindfulness
  • Relationships, personal and professional improve
  • Study habits, retention, etc.
  • Personal wisdom increases with mindfulness.