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Forgive or Not Workshop

(This workshop can also be taken as part THREE of our three part Wellness Series#2)

Choice is the basis of this innovative, inspiring and informative workshop on ” Forgiveness“. Through examples drawn from here experience, author/lecturer/wellness coach, Marlene George illustrates here unique point of view and how it can apply to you, and those you feel need your forgiveness, in order for you to move on . Once we acknowledge our part in a relationship, it becomes easier to understand the other’s part in it. From understanding comes forgiveness, whether it’s for someone else, or perhaps more importantly, for yourself.

You will learn:

  • There is no need to forgive to feel better
  • To value yourself first and to value others as well
  • To discover your responsibility and accountability in a relationship
  • To stop blaming others when we can choose how to feel
  • To release resentment and make room for peace, joy and happiness

Marlene George specializes in forgiveness workshops. Going against the wave of popular thinking, Marlene believes there is no need to forgive; rather we each have a need to understand why “forgiveness” is supposed to be a part of the relationship. This interactive workshop identifies the stumbling blocks to forgiveness, and then provides positive, practical methods to work through the anger, blame and resentment toward someone else, or even when directed toward ourselves. Through meditations, journaling and visualizations, Marlene facilitates her original forgiveness process in this illuminating, enlightening and innovative workshop.

We thank you for providing the Forgiveness Workshop, which as quoted from our client feedback was “an uplifting experience” and is much appreciated.

Melvina Walter, Executive Director, The Women’s Centre Oakville, Ont.