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Coaching/Counseling and Healings – both private and by telephone

Need someone to talk to? Need Advice? Need Support? Need healing?
Need Business or Life Coaching?

Marlene George can offer you support, counseling and healing in personal private telephone sessions.

For more information, contact Marlene George:

Email: mgeorge@marlenegeorge.com
Phone: 905-796-0101

A counselor who can both listen and advise is a rare breed. When you find one you are struck with two antithetical impulses. Keep such a treasure all to one self and… tell those in need there is someone who can truly help those who want help. Marlene George presented us with such a dilemma. In the world of counseling Marlene is a rare breed. Her patience, persistence and practical insights set her apart and both Anna and I are deeply appreciative of the journey she has travelled with us.

Tristan Emmanuel
Ontario Development

Marlene George


Who is Marlene George?

Author, Speaker, Holistic Healer, Marlene George began her work in the alternative health field in 1989. Certified in Therapeutic Touch™, a Reiki Master, and CranioSacral Therapy, Marlene includes personal consultations in transformational forms of therapy in her wellness practice. Marlene’s approach integrates emotional, physical, energetic, and psychological strategies. For Marlene’s international individual clientele and her online, teleclass, radio and television audiences, wellness within translates to daily satisfaction and long term success.