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Healing Workshops

Marlene offers a variety of workshops and online zoom classes that deal with everything from healing to learning self esteem to living the life you want. Feel free to click on any of the workshops below to learn more and visit the calendar to find out the date of upcoming workshops or contact Marlene to learn more or reserve a spot in the next workshop.

Click on any workshop below to learn more:

The Healing Circle WORKSHOP

Discover Your Inner Healer WORKSHOP

Healing Through Breathing WORKSHOP

Therapeutic Touch WORKSHOP

Learning to Move Forward WORKSHOP

Principles for Joyus Living WORKSHOP

Live the Life You Want WORKSHOP

Understanding Pain WORKSHOP

Have Happy Relationships WORKSHOP

Learn Self Esteem WORKSHOP

Overcome Fear and Anxiety WORKSHOP

Forgive or Not to Forgive WORKSHOP

Mother and Me WORKSHOP

Stress for Success WORKSHOP

Wellness Retreats