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Learn Self Esteem Workshop

(This workshop can also be taken as part ONE of our three part Wellness Series#2)

What if you woke up tomorrow feeling worthy of making all your dreams come true?

Self Esteem is simply a matter of looking in a mirror and liking what you see. Isn’t it time to acknowledge the worthy person who’s looking back at you? It is past time to stop seeking your validation from others– it is time to learn how to validate yourself . So many of our beliefs about ourself are from unreliable sources. Once you consider the motivation behind those judgments you will begin to appreciate yourself. Join inspirational author/ lecturer/ wellness coach Marlene George in her popular workshop to Shape Up Your Self Esteem!

You will learn:

  • To practice appreciation and focus on feeling good
  • To erase self-defeating thoughts and feelings
  • To approach your life with a renewed energy and optimism
  • To discover your destiny and the motivation to live it!

Taken from Marlene’s Nine Principles of Joyous Living, the exercises, techniques and strategies in this workshop will reinforce your commitment to choice. You have the power to choose; now it’s time to learn all about how to exercise that power. Join Marlene in this informative, interactive and inspirational workshop: You’ll be happy you did!