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As I gaze out of my office window seeing the coloured leaves on the trees it reminds of my wonderful weekend at Millcroft. I did not go with any expectations and what I walked away at the end of the weekend was a sense of inner peace and enlightment but must of all hope. One of my favourite parts was a “Walk with Self” and just being quiet and letting the magic of the exercise take place. It is not often we find ourselves in the quiet of our own minds and that reminds me to do it more often.

The bonus was the group and going out to dinner as well as enjoying the pool and whirlpool. Something my body took in like nourishment and just craving for more. The work in letting go and learning how to give love unconditionally really shifted my situation at home (the law of attraction) and continues steadily.

I will look forward to Niagara Falls and have already put money away to start paying for the trip. It was so nice to go somewhere and not even worry about the expense knowing that it was all paid for.

Thank you for all you do on an individual and a group basis as it is with you and the people in the group I am able to find peace, hope and move forward. Blessing, love and light always.

I’m still flying high! Thanks again for the wonderful, freeing experiential weekend. It was a great group. Your guidance together with the very supportive environment made it feel very safe to be vulnerable, to share and to release the issues troubling us. Being at Millcroft in the Fall made it extra special – so tranquil, so peaceful, so healing. This personal growth seminar was one of the best I’ve ever attended! I can’t wait for Niagara-on-the-Lake.

What a great weekend I had I can’t tell you the last time I laughed so much. I met some new friends and really it was all about Me and that feels great!! Thanks Marlene George can’t wait for next year.

Thank you so much for the retreat weekend at the Mill Croft Inn Oct. 5 & 6 2013. With your guidance, knowledge, love & understanding of people, that want to let go of problems, anger, negativity etc.this weekend was outstanding.

You have helped me move forward over these past four years through tough times I have had to deal with. But this last weekend real brought me home to forgive others and myself. You have shown me holding on to stuff from the past and not putting how I feel first isn’t the answer. So every day is a blessing and to make new choices in order to enrich my life as well as always moving forward.

If any body or you know of someone in need of help and or guidance to get through personal struggles go to Marlene’s workshop’s and retreat weekends. I personally am better for attending and participating in workshop’s. Also I am always welcome back to workshop’s if I needing any extra support in the future. Thank you again Marlene.

For those of you struggling to let go of some “stuff”, “baggage” or old painful issues, I am writing to let you know that the Learn To Move Forward sessions are a real winner. I have attended a couple of them, and as the months and years tick by I am aware that the learning that I gleaned at this particular session, has been deep and healing and helpful. I want to share with people about the stuff that has worked. We must must must get on with this business of living – and this session will bring you closer to yourself. Closer to joy.


Amazing! After just a few sessions with Marlene, I feel so joyful! My life is being transformed, enriched and enhanced.

John Drake

Thank you for offering such a wonderful service, a service that goes beyond the traditional form of networking. The meditation at the end adds a new dynamic, a personal touch and a nice way of centering.


Thanks for all your help and support Marlene in the past and now. I feel like you’re a mentor to me in so many ways – spiritually, emotionally, from a business perspective as one who is successfully living her dream, as a female friend, as a woman, as wife and on and on. So glad I’ve been guided to connect with you again.

Sylvia M.
Business and Life Coach Client.

Before Marlene’s Stress for Success workshop, my colleagues were snapping at each other, and at our best customers, Marlene taught us new skills to use at work and at home whenever we need a stress break.

TBH, Toronto, Ontario

Marlene taught me a few simple techniques to reduce stress whenever I felt my shoulders tighten. I no longer feel that I am failing myself, or failing to meet any of my personal or professional goals because of the anxiety I associated with my work.

MLD, Ontario

“I wanted to thank you for giving Leigh this wonderful Reiki treatment on your special bed-table. Things do happen for a reason, and as much as it must have been disappointing to have the gathering cancelled without notice, for Leigh it was a gift!!!. She explained to me in detail how she felt on your table, (like she was young again, home with me curled up in my water bed). She said she felt like Leigh again, safe and secure during the treatment and a few hours after. While driving home, she turned off her music and stayed in the present with herself feeling ever so light and wonderful. Once home she sneaked in to keep the moment within herself, ate and eventually went to bed and had a very sound sleep. She may have thought she was asleep, but she remembered every one of your touches and how it was so welcoming, filled with the light of love. This was precisely what she needed and a fabulous intro­ductory into the world of Reiki. I feel this opened a door for her and she is looking forward to the group discussion Fear and Anxiety next week.”


Dear Marlene,
I want to tell you how much I appreciate having taken the Reiki and Therapeutic Touch course that you taught me many years ago. It was in 1997 to be exact; and since then, it has changed my life! Though it was one of the courses in the Holistic Practition­er Program sponsored by HRDC, I vividly remember learn­ing everything that you taught. Since then, my appetite for learning has increased tremendously.

Pritam Singh

I’ve been blessed to have Marlene in my life for many years. Marlene has been my teacher and spiritual guide (angel). She has supported me through physical, emotional and spiritual challenges that appeared to be overwhelming. Marlene helped me tp meet those challenges with courage, optimism and faith. I am so fortunate to have attended many of her workshops, sessions and courses. Recently I have connected with Marlene to build my ‘Healing Practice’. Her “Network for Success” group has given me confidence to offer my gifts to the world. At the beginning I was overwhelmed and intimidated at the prospect of starting a business. I really had difficulty with the whole “business” side of things. I had no idea of where to begin. Marlene has combined intuitive work with business skills in a way that is comfortable for me. I’ve been able to combine my spiritual beliefs with practical steps to move my business forward. With Marlene’s guidance I now feel joyful in offering my services to clients and have a stronger sense of the value of my work. Marlene has a truly generous spirit and I would definitely recommend her coaching sessions for anyone who is interested in starting up or improving their business. Thank you Marlene.


A counsellor who can both listen and advise is a rare breed. When you find one you are struck with two antithetical impulses. Keep such a treasure all to one self and tell those in need there is someone who can truly help those who want help. Marlene George presented us with such a dilemma. In the world of counselling Marlene is a rare breed. Her Patience, persistence and practical insights set her apart and both Anna and I are deeply appreciative of the journey she has travelled with us.

Tristan Emmanuel
Ontario Development

The Discover Your Inner Healer workshop allowed me to understand where some of my feelings of self worth started, to confront them and understand them. I had a dramatic shift in awareness and was able to hug my inner child and treat myself with love and respect.” 

Joan Norderman

Thank you for the wonderful weekend, I have now let go of anger,  worry and fear. I am so grateful to you, I feel so much lighter… I learnt a lot from your course, your knowledge, kindness, wisdom and love was very much appreciated.


The weekend workshop was more than I hoped for. Not only did I release heavy baggage and move forward with renewed hope and optimism, I connected with many wonderful people that will continue to travel with me. Marlene, you were wonderful, insightful and asked probing questions and guided us through the murk to enlightenment. As deep and emotional as Saturday was, Sunday was a joyful celebration of what is to come for all of us. I look forward to participating in another workshop, and another and another. Thank you!

Beverly P

I would like to take some time to tell you how cleansing and empowering your ‘Workshop’ was for me over the last 2 days…..I am so happy I took the gift of attending and doing this work for myself….. It is now time for me and I will continue to do the daily affirmations, exercises and games as you suggested………I already have my “Creative Box” and will prepare my vision in the box tomorrow ……..I will spend….spend…spend in my vision like I can afford it….I cannot thank you enough for caring so much about me to invite me to open myself to the possibility of my new journey creating a self loving life with the knowledge that it all begins with me…


I just wanted to say a special Thank You to you Marlene!! I attended the Learning To Move Forward workshop over the weekend and it was phenomenal. I did not realize that I was dragging ‘past experiences’ around with me for so many years and that they had prevented me to excel in other areas of my life. I encourage everyone to actively participate in this workshop, like I did. Let go of what people may think and be confident that Marlene will provide you with easy to use tools to incorporate into your life. I started doing exactly what Marlene taught me and notice the changes immediately! Seriously! Thanks again Marlene, for this workshop and for making it fun!!

P. Burrell