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Have Happy Relationships Workshop

(This workshop can also be taken as part THREE of our three part Wellness Series#1)

  • Are you experiencing challenges with relationships?
    • Do relationships at home, at play and at work leave you feeling lonely, frustrated, angry and tired?
    • Do you want to attract loving relationships with people in your life by finding new vitality with yourself?

Learn strategies to understand why your relationships are falling apart and what you can do to make positive changes. Move forward past old patterns into redefining yourself and how you deal with the people in your life. Now is the time to have more fun and love in your life! Learn the tools and principles that will give you what you want from your relationships. The people in your life do not have to change in order for you to get what you want. You can better the outcomes of your interactions with others by changing your responses, old habits and attitudes. No matter how desperate and gloomy the relationships look now, they can be transformed in a very short time when you apply these skills.

What this workshop will teach you:

  • Learn why you are experiencing difficulty with the people in your life, social and family life
  • Learn to appreciate people in your life
  • Learn more about yourself from existing relationships
  • Learn to have more fun
  • Leave this class feeling positive and confident that you can have the happy and healthy relationships you want!