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Fall Wellness Retreat – 2018

Wellness RetreatsAlways on the go? Need some time to relax, release and let it all go? Attend one of Marlene George’s Wellness retreats and treat yourself to a week-end or week-long centered around you !

These retreats will let you experience:

  • Discovery
  • Awakening
  • Meditation Through Breathing
  • Discussion
  • Moving
  • Sharing
  • Playing
  • Laughing

These retreats offer an amazing balance between group interaction and calm solitude, sharing and silence, movement and resting, giving and receiving. They provide a time of relaxation to get away from your very busy life. Why not spend some time to refresh, renew, transform and heal through dancing, singing, drawing and exploring nature?

These experiences will help you through sharp awareness to gain greater health, well-being, a sense of belonging and peace, and you will deepen your appreciation for life. Participants will perform activities and rituals that they can learn to apply to their everyday lives to make life happier and more fulfilling and be inspired to forgive and release the pain from their past.

No location is too far away or too exotic, or maybe you want something that’s just around the corner from your home, anything is possible. Some locations where Marlene has hosted wellness retreats acting as an inspirational speaker and personal coach to corporate and private groups are: Mexico, South Africa, various locations in Canada, and various locations in the USA.

Past Retreat Guests and Photos


A Closer Walk with Self FALL
Saturday, Oct 13th & Sunday, Oct 14th, 2018

Marlene’s Wellness Weekend is going to be held at the Hockley Valley Resort in Hockley Valley, Ontario. 

Create positive changes in your life

A Weekend of Wellness Within

Marlene George brings to her weekend wellness workshop, 2 full days of presentations, participation, and interactive sessions to discover your true self, then teach you all you need to know about changes in your life. When change occurs on the outside, always look to the inside for the source. When things happen to us, whether challenging, enlightening, or beneficial, those actions and events began within us.

Change is life, and life is change.

When we focus exclusively on coping with the circumstances, which we believe are beyond our control, we overlook the only thing we can control: OUR SELF.

Renew your relationship with the most important person in your life, YOU!
Unpack your past (to make space for your future)
Befriend your true self
Practice Wellness Within*
Attract Positive Change
Active, practical, easy strategies, techniques, and tools to understand every change, cope with every challenge, and take advantage of every opportunity. Face the future with optimism to create positive change in your life.


You may make your own overnight accommodation arrangements. Stay at a location nearby or return the next day. Here are a few Bed & Breakfast locations around Hockley Valley:

The Stream Bed & Breakfast

307162 Hockley Road, Mono, Ontario
Rooms range from $85-105 per night

The Farmer’s Walk Bed & Breakfast

833345 4 Line East, Orangeville, Ontario
Rooms range from $130-145 per night

Molly’s Retreat Bed & Breakfast
28 Riverside Drive, Mono, Ontario
Rooms range from $150-225 per night

Workshop Cost:

Initial Deposit: $135
Full Amount: $235 + HST = $270.25
To register for Marlene’s workshop, your deposit of $135 is due by June 15, 2018 to secure your space. The balance is due by August 30th, 2018.

NOTE: Cancellations made before September 7, 2018 are entitled to a full refund.  Cancellations made after September 7, 2018 will lose their deposit. No refunds will be issued on or after the day of the seminar.

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“I’m still flying high! Thanks again for the wonderful, freeing experiential weekend. It was a great group. Your guidance together with the very supportive environment made it feel very safe to be vulnerable, to share and to release the issues troubling us. Being at Millcroft in the Fall made it extra special so tranquil, so peaceful, so healing. This personal growth seminar was one of the best I’ve ever attended! I can’t wait for Niagara-on-the-Lake. ” Sylvia