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Throat Chakra

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As we move through the Chakra system, we meet the 5th chakra, the throat chakra. This chakra is seated in our throat, and its a little different from the other chakras.  In the case of the throat chakra, it is projected from out of our mouths as we speak, from each of our ears, and from the base of our skull, where the spine meets the skull.    If you’ve ever had the experience of getting choked up, where you feel like there’s a frog in your throat, or something blocking your speech, this is very clear indication of a throat chakra blockage and an identifiable location of the center of this chakra.   The throat chakra resonates with a deep blue, the color of the deep sea, through which sound messages can travel through many thousands of miles.

Physiologically, it controls all things ear, nose, and throat – your entire sinus system. It extends up through the throat, through the lower part of our jaw, our mouth, our nose, and the entire area from the clavicle up to right below the eyes.

Psychically, the throat chakra is in charge of clairaudient abilities, or the ability to hear intuitive information.

Emotionally, and mentally, the throat chakra controls our confidence to speak our truth – to stand up for ourselves, to say what’s on our minds, and to live openly in who we are as individuals.