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Self Esteem In Seconds

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Regardless of what you are feeling when you begin this process, the following technique takes only seconds; can be done in private or in public; and best of all, it works 100% of the time! You already breathe, probably without thinking about it. When you are tense, anxious, or stressed, your breathing responds to your emotions. Rather than the full complete breaths appreciated by your body, when threatened with failure, your respiration shortens, tightens, and increases your tension.

There is good stress that energizes and motivates you. Anticipation of a celebration, an award, or a trip provides excitement. Taking a test, interviewing for a job or promotion, asking someone out on a date may involve the other kind of stress…the palm sweating, shoulder tightening, and mouth-drying nasty nerves associated with any kind of personal or professional challenge.

Instant Inspiration…

The word “inspiration” came from the Latin words meaning “to breathe”. Taking fresh air in, then expelling processed air, always improves our feelings. We feel better as soon as we remember to inspire ourselves through the physical process of conscious breathing.

As soon as we improve our physical being with fresh air, our psychological and emotional being lightens as well. When we feel bad emotionally our breathing shallows, which tightens our muscles and further restricts our breathing. Very shortly we are spinning in this endless loop of tension, stress, and tightness.

The next time you notice your body tighten, lighten up and expand into your natural space.

Now that you know what to do, the following tool will teach you how to do it.

Use this tool the next time you want to relax. The following three steps improve your outlook, confidence, and chances of success:

• draw a deep breath…by expanding your belly

• purse your lips and exhale the breath slowly

• finish with a smile…a broad, wide smile

If step three challenges, remember the last time you laughed-out-loud. You will smile when you recall that experience.

Thinking happy thoughts always brings a smile.

Self esteem begins within and expands with a simple expression, a smile. If you express joy on the outside, you will experience happiness on the inside.

Always apply for a position when you feel it within, and to feel it within, express it outside.

By oxygenating your brain, you become smarter, happier, healthier and more confident every time. So, do this mini-refresher before any and every stress situation for a successful outcome.

…more wise words from your mentor,

Marlene George

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