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Life has so many wonderful things to offer but sometimes we are blinded and focused on things that we shouldn’t be. It has its wonderful moments. It’s laughing with your friends. It’s the sweat in your palms and that lump in your throat when you are waiting to meet that someone for the very first time. It could be a date or an interview but just the same, it lets you know you’re alive. It’s that feeling you get in the pit in your stomach when they actually see you. Or seeing someone that you’ve longed for and they’re finally in your arms. It’s that feeling you get when being held by hands that aren’t your own. It’s the thrill of an escape with someone that excites you. It’s helping a friend find something they’ve lost. It’s a smile, a joke that makes you laugh until you cry. It’s reading: “I love you” on a note. It’s the thinking of things you may never do again and the doing of things you only dreamed of. It’s the road ahead and the road behind. It’s the good things and the fond memories you can remember in your darkest times. It’s the first step and the last and every one in between because they all make up the good life.

2015 will bring more love, prosperity and health to all, we just need to send out that good energy in order to receive it.

Written by Elizabeth for Motivational Moments