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Learning To Move Forward – April 27th & 28th

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Learn skills to identify, release and change your responses to the challenges in your life (regardless of the circumstances).


In this workshop, you will learn:
•How to let go of the anger that has been part of your life for so long
•How to forgive those with whom you have challenges
•How to take responsibility for the way you feel
•How to stop feeling like a victim
•How to change the way you feel in each moment so you can be joyous
•How to attract great events, experiences and people into your life
•Begin to feel more energetic, enthusiastic and excited about life as this workshop provides you with skills to feel more empowered, hopeful and happier

Join experienced educator and New Age philosopher, Marlene George, as she conducts this popular workshop. Through guided exercises, guided visualizations and individual counseling, Marlene will teach you how to break the bonds of procrastination and fear so that you can live the life you want!

For more information, please contact Marlene at 905-796-0101 or email at mgeorge@marlenegeorge.com