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Impacting the Greater Good

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Are you familiar with the idea of the Greater Good? The Greater Good is a concept that I believe needs to be considered more often these days. Too many times, people drift through their days, just going through the motions, without any passion for what they are doing or enjoyment in the process. They rarely pay attention to how their actions will impact the world around them… but even the littlest actions can have a huge impact!
What would you do if you encountered someone who was clearly having a rough day and you had the opportunity to help? Would you step out of your comfort zone and do it? Would you make that difference?

You may not believe it (and you may not even get to witness the immediate impact), but strong communities are created by building up the people as well as their physical structures. To me, an ideal community is one where people know their neighbours. The kids can play outside as the adults chat over coffee on the patio. People acknowledge each other in the streets with a smile and it is a comfortable-feeling place to live. But it all starts with just one simple stepping out of your way to go and introduce yourself. Compliment the people across the street on their garden next spring. Offer to help them carry their groceries in from the car. Shovel the snow off their walkway without saying anything. Just try to make friends and you might surprise yourself with how easy it actually is.

It all ties together

People rarely realize it, but everything that we do has an impact on the world as a whole. For every action, there is a reaction. You’ve heard that saying about what would happen if someone were to go back in time and squash a ladybug? Monumental consequences could result from what seems to be just a small, insignificant action. So always think before you do or say something… what could result from this? How will this action impact the world?

You may be surprised how much things change with even just this small consideration.

Just do it!

I know that it is more common for the average North American to shy away from the opportunities where we are given a chance to make a difference… but we need to stop doing that. We need to get out there, get involved, make that difference and ultimately change the world!

I want to challenge you this week… go out of your way to make someone else’s day better! Get out of your comfort zone and make that difference in the world!

Written by Elizabeth for Motivational Moments