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Happy Thanksgiving – October 2012

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October for me is the month for giving thanks. Look around, and you will see so many wonderful things to appreciate. Our extended Summer weather, the tree starting to change colour and the smell of the Fall leaves and flowers, to mention a few.

Take time to reflect on your past year and congratulate yourself for what you have accomplished so far. You may not have acquired all that you set out for yourself for this year, but you did the best you could with the skill that you had.

Find ways to feel good about what you attracted thus far, the good as well as the not so good. You have the power right now to change how you feel. If you find ways to feel good about were you are by appreciating what you have, then and only then can you universe continue to bring you what you want..

This Thanks Giving season, give thanks to those who have supported you and in some ways made you life easier, friend, family, employer, working associates, clients, baby sitter, bank clerk, hair dresser. I know there are many more that you can think of to add to your list.There is no need for action, not that there is anything wrong with action, just through thinking thankful thoughts, they will received your grateful wishes.

Give thanks to yourself for what you have accomplished. It is okay to celebrate what you have attained. When you feel good about you, others will then appreciate and celebrate you. What we put out through or thoughts and feeling will always come back to us. This is Universal law.
Happy Thanks Giving…

Marlene George

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