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Recognizing and Building on Your Strengths

As a species, we people are all very different. We all look different, sound different, and act different. We are all good at different things. Everybody also has differing interests – some people may be into sports, others into cooking, still others may be interested in music! This diversity is one of the wonderful things that make living in this world so interesting. But one of the things that f...
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Taking The Time For You At Christmas

To say Christmas is a busy time of the year is certainly an understatement. Between figuring out what to buy everyone, battling the crowds at the mall, the wrapping, the hiding, the food preparation, the decorating, the baking, and oh yes, the getting together with friends and family; for a lot of people Christmas is a time of major stress! How will it all get done? We know from experience that is...
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The Art of Forgiveness

With the onset of autumn we relish the change in the seasons, the bright colours, the crisp leaves and the cuddly sweaters. It’s also a time of reflection and Thanksgiving; the time of the year that we are urged to count our blessings and give thanks for all that we have. Historically, Thanksgiving was held to mark the end of the harvest season and to celebrate the bounty. Thanks to God for eve...
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Universal Requests

You know when you have things in your life that you know you really want, but you have a feeling that the timing just isn’t quite right? The truth is that there really just is no real way to make things happen any faster than they are going the Universe decides that they are going to happen. It is only when the universal timing is absolutely correct that the things that you want will begin to mani...
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