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You get what you give

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I received the most wonderful reminder from the Universe the other day. It was a simple one, not too complicated, and yet profoundly beautiful:

Life is short, and what you get out of it is typically 
exactly equal to what you put into it.

There is an old saying that “what goes around, comes around”, but I suspect that not many people actually understand the significance of that statement. It’s simple though: what you put into life (all of the efforts and the actions and the interactions) completely determines what you are going to get out of it. If you are consistently sending positive vibes out into the Universe through positive actions and words, then that is what will come back to you. Send out negative ones… well, the correlation is obvious!

But sometimes, the task of trying to maintain a state of constant positivity can be a daunting one. It is simply not realistic for someone to expect to be happy 100% of the time. I think that the fact that human beings are capable of such a vast range of emotions is a sign that we should be experiencing as many of them as possible throughout our lives. Bliss, joy, agony, excitement, wonder, ecstasy, fury, passion, love… all of these (and more) are different expressions of the same human experience.

We are all alike in our differences, yet we all have different stories.

Here are some tips to remember when it comes to getting the most out of your life:

  • It’s really all about being present
    • Stay in the moment. Breathe. Sometimes you might be amazed with how effective this one simple action can be for solving most of life’s problems
  • Grab every experience with vigor 
    • Life has so many wondrous and amazing opportunities for us to grow and truly live. Don’t let yourself miss one single one more!
  • Reach out
    • Give back to your community, your church or your neighbourhood. Volunteering is a fantastic way to have new and exciting experiences 
  • Be a friend
    • There are literally dozens of opportunities that Life provides us with every single day that give us a chance to grow as people. One of the best ones is having the ability to be there for people when they need us most
    • Sometimes, just being there to listen can be the most helpful thing you can do for someone
  • Discover who you are truly meant to be
    • Then become that person! Remember those dreams you had as a kid? You had them for a reason
  • Enjoy every moment! 
    • You live for only a certain number of years… are you making the most of your time?

Sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zone to become who we really are… but the journey and the effort are always worth it!

Written by Veronika for Motivational Moments