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9 Principles for Joyous Living Workshop

Improve Life, Business, Career, Money, Relationship

Join Marlene George in this workshop and learn how to restore joy in your life. Her workshop will teach you how to create the life you want using tried and true principles of joyous living. Using the material from Marlene George’s book, Your Life is Now! Marlene will teach you how to live the life you want. Illustrated with success stories from her extensive client list, Marlene shows you the simple steps you can take to immediately improve the quality of your life.

Read Marlene’s Brochure on the 9 Principles of Joyus living – Click Here

What This Workshop Will Teach You:

  • Your Life is Now, Now is the time to live it!
  • Stay joyful, trust your higher self to guide you to the things you want!
  • Stop looking for validation. This is your life and you get to choose how you want to feel.
  • Our fear is our higher self telling us that what we fear, we desire to change.
  • Right now you have the power to create a better relationship. Get happy, and you will have a happy relationship.
  • Be willing to own your part in your relationship. There is no need to forgive.
  • Tell your body what you want in the positive, and your body will oblige.
  • It is your birthright to have success. Believe it is possible. The universe will bring it to you. Let’s get started.
  • Smile more! laugh more! dance more! And your body will mirror that back to you!