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Live the Life You Want Workshop

(This workshop can also be taken as part ONE of our three part Wellness Series #1 )

Join Inspirational Speaker, Author and Wellness Coach Marlene George for this Inspirational Workshop to:

  • Learn to feel more energized and healthy
  • Learn to be more focused and clear about your goals
  • Learn to feel happy and have hope
  • Learn to create positive changes in your home, work and relationships
  • Learn how to deal with those challenging people in your life
  • Learn to feel at ease and in charge of your life
  • Learn that financial security and abundance is available to everyone

If you ever felt like life was bringing you down because of fear, anxiety, depression, money problems, anger or bad luck, the easy techniques you’ll learn from this workshop will help you stop feeling victimized and disappointed. The sky is the limit when you take charge of your life and begin to attract all your dreams and desires into your experience, and this can be done almost immediately! You’ll learn practical skills to manifest all that you want in you life through visualization and clarity exercises and start feeling invigorated and excited as you begin to see changes in your work, career, home, health and relationships in the near future.

I would like to take some time to tell you how cleansing and empowering your ‘Workshop’
was for me over the last 2 days…..I am so happy I took the gift of attending and doing this work for myself…..

It is now time for me and I will continue to do the daily affirmations, exercises and games as you suggested………I already have my “Creative Box” and will prepare my vision in the box tomorrow ……..I will spend….spend…spend in my vision like I can afford it….I cannot thank you enough for caring so much about me to invite me to open myself to the possibility of my new journey creating a self loving life with the knowledge that it all begins with me… – Jo