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Healing Circle Marlene George

The Healing Circle provides a unique opportunity for like-minded individuals to share their energy helping others while they help themselves at the same time. The results of participation evolve over time from the moment the participant arrives, during the process and for many weeks thereafter.

Through sharing, trust, support, nurturing, music, movement, visualization, discussion, breath therapy, play and healing, Marlene provides a comfortable and safe place for transformation of the participant’s physical, emotional and mental challenges.

I wanted to thank you for giving Leigh this wonderful Reiki treatment on your special bed-table. Things do happen for a reason, and as much as it must have been disappointing to have the gathering cancel without notice, for Leigh it was a gift!!!. She explained to me in detail how she felt on your table, (like she was young again, home with me curled up in my water bed). She said she felt like Leigh again safe and secure during the treatment and a few hours after. While driving home, she turned off her music and stayed in the present with herself feeling ever so light and wonderful. Once home she sneaked in to keep the moment within herself, ate and eventually went to bed and had a very sound sleep. She may have thought she was asleep, but she remembered every one of your touches and how it was so welcoming, filled with the light of love. This was precisely what she needed and a fabulous introductory into the world of Reiki. I feel this opened a door for her and she is looking forward to the group discussion Fear and Anxiety next week. – Pennie