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Long distance education directly through telephone conference calls

What is a Teleclass?

Marlene George is proud to offer online long distance education learning program course classes through direct telephone teleconference teleclass calls in what is known as a teleclass. A TeleClass is a conference call, like a chat line. It is highly interactive with some lecture, some questions and some discussion. You will receive timely tips, tools, strategies and techniques over the telephone that can benefit your life and business immediately. Some classes are free and some have a fee.

How Does It Work?

Marlene on a TeleclassTeleclass sessions are usually one hour long, sometimes discussions-based ,and occasionally lecture-based. Just like a live seminar, students may participate as much-or as little -as they wish.

You do not need a computer in order to be in the class. All you need is a regular phone. The cost to call a bridge line is a standard long distance charge ($3-$6 for an hour on most carriers) plus the course charge of $8.39 Canadian (including 5% GST) or $6.39 USD.

For more information, contact Marlene George:
Email: mgeorge@marlenegeorge.com
Phone: 905-796-0101

You can pay for your Teleclasses online: Each teleclass is only $8!

1. How the Body Communicates Through Pain Teleclass
2. Get Happy to Have Happy Relationships Teleclass
3. Forever Young Teleclass – Feel and Look Forever Young
4. Are You Living the Life You Want? Teleclass
5. 9 Principles For Joyous Living Teleclass
6. Shape Up Your Self Esteem! Teleclass
7. Fear and Anxiety: Your Clue to Change! Teleclass
8. Freedom to Forgive or Not Forgive! Teleclass
9. Relationships Teleclass

Or Buy An MP3 Of the Teleclasses and Listen To Them Whenever You Want!
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Marlene has helped me through difficult family struggles that were overtaking me. Her direction and clarity brought me courage and hope. After working with her for a few years, Marlene lives inside me now as a skilled and assuring voice, a force that is continuing to guide me gently but assuredly in the direction of a life that is full and true. Her strength has brought me to my own. She is one of my great teachers. I know now that whenever I need to feel her strength, I only need to look within (or pick up the phone).
– Telephone Coaching Client