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Understand Pain Workshop

(This workshop can also be taken as part TWO of our three part Wellness Series #1 )

  • Are you feeling tired, out of shape or imbalanced?
  • Do you lack the drive to workout, play and dance or are you constantly ill?
  • Are you ready to take responsibility for your health?

Learn how your mind and emotional state affect your overall health. Apply strategies to help you pinpoint the reasons for ill health and ways to feel better so that you can be vibrant, invigorated and new again.

What the class will teach you:

  • The chakras have a consciousness, each section of the body represents certain feelings and attitudes about self and the world
  • What we manifest in our bodies ties to our attitudes and feelings
  • How to listen to your body and change your responses to allow wellness back into your life
  • How to create a healthier and balanced body
  • How to celebrate your body and life through appreciation and acceptance
  • Learning to use affirmations to gain health and overall well-being and happiness

Experienced lecturer, Marlene has presented this popular workshop to appreciative students from around the world. Her methods include exercises, meditations and creative visualizations. In addition to Marlene’s teachings about the source of your pain, she includes valuable information about your infinite ability to heal yourself!