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Overcome Fear and Anxiety Workshop

(This workshop can also be taken as part TWO of our three part Wellness Series#2)

From author/lecturer/wellness coach, Marlene George’s book on the Nine Principles For Joyous Living, Your Life is Now! comes the subject of this interactive workshop. Fear is your emotional guidance system trying to get your attention, alerting you that what you are feeling is not serving you well. These negative emotions are hints from your Higher Self that it’s time to make some changes in your life. This workshop will facilitate the release of your fears, replacing your anxiety with confidence, choice and commitment.

You will learn:

  • To clarify your fear/anxiety and what it really means to you
  • To understand the messages your Higher Self sends you through your specific fears
  • To identify the changes you can make to eliminate fear and anxiety
  • To appreciate the present as the key to your freedom from fear
  • To commit to live a life free from fear

Marlene presents this popular workshop to appreciative students from around the world. The positive feedback from this workshop inspires Marlene to continue her work in freeing her clients, students and attendees from the fear that can focus their lives on counter productive actions, reactions and simply remaining stuck in anxiety. Her methods include exercises, meditations, creative visualizations, techniques and strategies designed to rid your live of fear and anxiety, and empower you to make the changes necessary for you to live the joyous life you are meant to live!