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Universal Requests

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You know when you have things in your life that you know you really want, but you have a feeling that the timing just isn’t quite right? The truth is that there really just is no real way to make things happen any faster than they are going the Universe decides that they are going to happen. It is only when the universal timing is absolutely correct that the things that you want will begin to manifest in your life… and as frustrating as it is, there is no real way for you to speed up the process.

The great thing about that though (as frustrating as it sometimes may be) is that the timing of the things that you receive is way more in line with your universal story than it would be otherwise. The Universe needs to decide when things will be of the most benefit to your unique situation and story in the world, and it is only then that they will appear in your life.

There is also a sort of built-in time delay that is built into every one of our requests to the universe… and a cancel order option as well! The Universe knows that we are not perfect and sometimes people can make wrong choices, so it built in the time delay and cancel options when figuring out how to deliver our requests to us.

The only factor that I feel really plays into how quickly the things we want start to manifest in our lives is the Law of Attraction. Not sure what that is? It’s quite simple really – the things that you think about and focus on the most will be drawn to you. Basically, it’s a simple case of like-attracts-like.

Knowing that, the key to bettering our lives and situations is simple – by learning to focus on the things that you want to attract, then these are logically the things that you will start to attract! Remember though, that the Universe does not understand negatives! So instead of saying “I do not want to be sick”, focus on “I want health and well-being”. Instead of “I want to be out of debt”, think instead “I wish for abundance!”

Learning to speak the Universe’s language will get you much closer to the end results that you desire!


Written for Marlene’s blog by Veronika.