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Retreat Testimonial

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As I gaze out of my office window seeing the coloured leaves on the trees it reminds of my wonderful weekend at Millcroft. I did not go with any expectations and what I walked away at the end of the weekend was a sense of inner peace and enlightment but must of all hope. One of my favourite parts was a “Walk with Self” and just being quiet and letting the magic of the exercise take place. It is not often we find ourselves in the quiet of our own minds and that reminds me to do it more often.

The bonus was the group and going out to dinner as well as enjoying the pool and whirlpool. Something my body took in like nourishment and just craving for more. The work in letting go and learning how to give love unconditionally really shifted my situation at home (the law of attraction) and continues steadily.

I will look forward to Niagara Falls and have already put money away to start paying for the trip. It was so nice to go somewhere and not even worry about the expense knowing that it was all paid for.

Thank you for all you do on an individual and a group basis as it is with you and the people in the group I am able to find peace, hope and move forward. Blessing, love and light always.