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When you’ve been downsized, outsourced, laid off, or fired; it can be a challenge to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get right back in the game with your self esteem intact. However, returning to the marketplace is a step worth taking as soon as you have your attitude intact.

Research indicates you have less than 11 seconds to make a good first impression…whether it’s on paper, over the phone, or in person. Before you apply for a job by filling out an application, or responding to an advertisement, or showing up for an interview, take a few seconds to shape up your self-esteem.

Regardless of what you are feeling when you begin, the following process takes only seconds; can be done in private or in public; and best of all, it works 100% of the time! You already breathe, probably without thinking about it. When you are tense, anxious, or stressed, your breathing responds to your emotions. Rather than the full complete breaths appreciated by your body, when threatened with failure, your respiration shortens, tightens, and increases your tension.

There is good stress that energizes and motivates you. Anticipation of a celebration, an award, or a trip provides excitement. Employment searches usually involve the other kind of stress…the palm sweating, shoulder tightening, and mouth drying nasty nerves.

Instant Inspiration…
Use this tool the next time you want to relax. The following three steps improve your outlook, confidence, and chances of getting the employment you seek:
1. draw a deep breath…by expanding your belly
2. purse your lips and exhale the breath slowly
3. finish with a smile…a broad, wide smile

If step three challenges, remember the last time you laughed-out-loud. You will smile when you recall that experience.

Thinking happy thoughts always brings a smile.

Self esteem begins within and expands with a simple expression, a smile. If you express joy on the outside, you will experience happiness on the inside.

Always apply for a position when you feel it within, and to feel it within, express it outside.

By oxygenating your brain, you become smarter, happier, healthier and more confident every time. So, do this mini-refresher before any and every stress situation for a successful outcome.

Tune into WHY.FM…Why Hire You?

To get the job, do your homework, and become the person you would want to hire for that position. Analyze the company, know everything you can about their target market, their place among the competition, their goals and time line to achieve them. Next, look at your assets, experience, qualifications and then join their team in your mind.

Ask yourself what you, and only you, can do for the company?
Keep asking yourself that question until you answer it with enthusiasm. Usually your answer will address the company’s core values and your alignment with them. For instance, if customer service is an element of the business, emphasize your belief in exceeding customer expectations.

Be proactive—tell them why you are the best person for the job.

To Be a Triple AAA Employment Candidate:

As of this moment, stop seeking validation from others about your employability, job worthiness, or skills and abilities.

You become a Triple AAA candidate for employment as soon as you:

Accept yourself,
Acknowledge your achievements, and
Announce your Assets with pride—
you’ve earned them, so be proud!

You are not your job, your profession, your career—you are a worthy human being who seeks employment to make your contribution to the world. Attitude is everything when applying for a job.

Attitude isn’t everything—it’s the ONLY thing.

If you care enough to prepare for the interview, care enough about your self to believe you are the right person for the job and are applying at the right time. BELIEVE IT!

Achieve the attitude to enhance your chances of employment through visualizing the “best” outcome for the interview. Notice, I didn’t say an offer of a job, I said the best outcome for you. Perhaps this isn’t the perfect job for you at this time, perhaps there is a better job for you at the next interview, or the next, or the next. Visualize a positive experience, a good presentation, a favorable impression on the interviewer, because every employment event contributes to your confidence, your technique, and your potential for getting the best offer from the best company for you.

Once you are aware of the job you want; before applying, interviewing, or calling on it, take the time for an attitude check. It’s not about that particular position, it’s about attracting the position right for you—if this one is the one, then you’ll get an offer of employment.

If you don’t receive an appropriate offer, it is not about you, rather it’s not the right position for you right now. There will be another, better opportunity…if your attitude is optimistic, hopeful, and “attractive”… you will attract the right offer for the right job at the right time.

By Marlene George,
  Business & Wellness Consultant, Counselor, and Coach.

Contact: Marlene George
Email: mgeorge@marlenegeorge.com
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