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“Wellness Within”
by Marlene George
Discover your secret to success, “Roadmap to Success”
Look for Marlene George’s insightful analysis of personal and professional success contained within the pages of this ground breaking book.
  • Inspired by her collaboration with Dr. Deepak Chopra.
  • Based on decades of her personal experience and observations of her clients’ struggles on their road to a successful destination.
  • Included are steps, strategies, and practices to guarantee your success.
Insight Publishing requested Marlene George’s contribution for their newest publication, “Roadmap to Success” . After reviewing her extensive client records, Marlene discovered a central theme throughout: in order to achieve a successful outcome, each client began with healing within. Their journey continued until their success was achieved by drawing their internal wellness out to share with the world as it was exhibited in their every action, speech, and vision for the future.  Cost is $19.95

Contact Marlene George, mgeorge@marlenegeorge.com or by phone at 905-796-0101 for more information.