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Marlene’s Valentine Message

Posted on
February 14th 2013

When you rise on Valentine’s day, walk to your mirror and smile at your face’s reflection…because as the song says, “everybody loves a lover”, and for today you are a lover!

And everyone loves you!
Believe it!
Enjoy the feeling!

Then act as if it were true!

And see what wonderful things happen to you for the rest of the day…

The warmth of that feeling begins within and radiates outward to touch every one you come into contact with, talk to, listen to, email or text.

Today, greet everyone with a smile
Today, pay everyone a sincere compliment
Today, express gratitude

Apply the Law of Attraction (what you give is what you receive, what you put out is what you get back, givers always get what they give) to every action today, and tomorrow expect the benefits of your Valentine’s Day to return.