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Loving Mother…No Matter What – Book & CD

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Loving Mother No Matter What (book)

Mothers, we all have one. Some of us are one. Mothers are the targets of jokes, the subject of many hours spent on the analyst’s couch, our mirror, ourselves. Rather than thanking them for the gift of life, we often resent them for providing us that life.
Loving Mother … No Matter What! approaches our relationship with our mothers from a unique perspective. It examines the issues children, both male and female, even as adults can continue to have with their mothers. It then provides new insights for these challenges whether mother is still with us or has passed on. Through examining our many, collected stories, we have discovered reoccurring themes that we hope will inform, enlighten and inspire you. We have a range of stories about mothers: some depicting ongoing challenges, some describing heroic breakthroughs and others expressing huge appreciation for mother. We also provide you with commentary on many of the stories, as well as exercises and visualizations to assist you on your journey of discovery.
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This book shows us that we have choices even in the most difficult circumstances. Knowing that we have choices in the way we respond to whatever happens to us, empowers us. Too often, we make our mother the scapegoat for everything that is wrong in our lives. It is time to put that myth to bed and celebrate the woman who gave us birth. Our insights give you possible solutions that have worked in a miraculous way for many of Marlene’s clients, even in the worst situations. You too can transform your relationship with your mother to a place of joy, healing and unconditional love. Are you ready?

(Guided Visualization/Meditation CD)

On this CD Marlene George offers a refreshing perspective on how to improve relationships between mothers and their children. Listen and learn from the comments, visualizations and exercises. These will assist you on your journey of self-discovery, healing and appreciation.

Tracks on this CD include:
2. Appreciating Mother Visualization and Exercises
3. Comments – Audio Sample (excerpt)
4. Healing Your Relationship Visualization
5. Exercises