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“Fall” Into Greatness

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Have you noticed? The seasons have definitely been changing again. The leaves are turning a hundred different shades of reds, oranges and yellows. The days are getting crisper and cooler. The air is definitely starting to feel distinctly more autumn-like. Before we know it, Christmas will be here!

Although this changing of the seasons happens four times each year, I wonder how many people see this time of transition as a time when they have the opportunity (as individuals) to re-vamp and change themselves?

It’s easier than you might think to achieve lasting change. Change is an ongoing process, and it is always something that you are going to have to work at. But the fact of the matter is that, in the end, it will always be worth it.

Goal achievement is not as difficult to accomplish as many people seem to think. There are a few simple steps that need to be followed to achieve this, but if you follow through with them, you WILL achieve your goals!

So I know many people who wanted to know the exact formula to use to succeed in achieving their goals surrounding bettering themselves. Well, here you go! Follow these steps to achieve a better-functioning life:
1. It all starts with doing an honest assessment of where your weakest areas are in life: look for things that make you a little uncomfortable… things that seem to have rougher edges… things that you think you might like to change. I’m going to state something radical here – these areas of weakness can become the areas from which you will eventually draw the greatest strength. You just need to learn how to better channel your energies and efforts

  • What are your current goals? What are you working on in life? If you aren’t quite sure, then this is a step that you need for sure!

2.  After you have identified the parts of your life that you know you need to work on a little, make a game plan: set some pretty serious goals for yourself to achieve these goals. Then set deadlines. Stretch the timeframe out over the next month or two, but make sure you set a deadline by which you want to have these goals accomplished

  • This is often a tough step for people, because many usually don’t want to face the truths of these areas that they see as weakness. These are not bad weak areas! They are simply areas that you can improve in.

3) Get it down on paper: write down the list of your goals and deadlines. Make sure that those dates also make it onto your calendar where you can see them often. Then look at them. Memorize them. Commit them to heart so that it will be easier to achieve them on time

  • Making sure that you can see your list of goals often is important, so don’t skip this step! Seeing your goals helps make them more real and tangible

4) Set out in search of your dreams: now go out and chase those dreams! Start taking steps in the direction that you know will eventually lead you to the achievement of those goals. Areas that you know you are weaker in or that make you a little afraid need the most attention. Push yourself hard to achieve those goals!
Whether you seize this opportunity and work on tweaking the small details of your personality or if you let it pass you by altogether, I would be willing to bet that even you can think of one or two things that you know you would like to work on. Maybe we all need to be doing an assessment on where the areas are in our lives that need fine tuning, and then making an honest effort to go do it.
Achieving your goals is easier than most people seem to think. All it really takes is clear vision, a little bit of courage, and a whole lot of drive. You CAN reach those dreams! You WILL reach those goals! Have a little faith and you just might surprise yourself.