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Entrepreneurial Attitude

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Attitude isn’t everything—it’s the ONLY thing.

When you call yourself an entrepreneur you are assuming a positive attitude about your abilities, your creativity, your vision for the future. It’s “ok” to express that self-confidence when you meet new people; interview for a professional or personal opportunity; or introduce yourself at a gathering of friends and associates. Your attitude about yourself reflects your positive expectations for your future. That perception influences others to support you, share your message with others, or even to join you in your efforts.

Passion is an attitude. The feeling inspires great art, great performances, and great progress in all fields of human endeavor. As an entrepreneur, to be successful, you should “love” what you do. Whether it’s a process, a production, or a unique service model, your feelings toward it will be reflected in your development of it, presentation to others, and finally your marketing.

All successful entrepreneurs love what they do, what they create, what they sell—and most will tell you their success is due as much to their passion about what they do as about the product or service they sell.

Developing an entrepreneurial attitude is simply discovering what you love to do—and then do it!

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