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Your Life is Now

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Experienced educator and new age philosopher, Marlene George authored “Your Life is Now” in response to her clients and students requests for a book to summarize her teachings. In clean concise language, Marlene covers every aspect of living a life of joy in a stressful modern world. Using her Nine Skills for Joyous Living, readers will improve their relationship with themselves, their work and their significant others. Illustrated with stories from her personal experiences, included are easy to follow exercises and inspirational visualizations. Marlene’s book will improve every aspect of the readers’s life.

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Your Life is Now! Excerpts

“Chapter Three: Self-Esteem, Self-Worth

For those of us with self-esteem issues, we have internalized and made what others said and thought about us, our beliefs and attitudes. We took on their negative criticism and negative self-talk and then lived our lives in accordance with these assumptions. So their negative self-talk became our negative internal critic. We started to live our lives by looking into their eyes, and depending on what we perceived we saw in those glances, those looks dictated our day. This is not a judgment on our caretakers. They are acting from their pain, because many of them were not shown how to love themselves. So they, in turn, were also expressing what they learned from their parents and their peers.”