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Network for Success

Network and support each other to grow successful businesses

• Focused discussions and idea sharing enhance and expand our businesses.

• Discuss challenges and share ideas to help each other overcome them.

• Commit to ourselves and the group on the steps we are willing to take to overcome the obstacles that we have allowed to hold us back.

Network For Success is here to help you grow your business! Our Network for Success group is committed to supporting and assisting the members to take steps to overcome obstacles that may be holding you back! Check the calendar for the next Network for Success event, or email Marlene for more information.


I’ve been blessed to have Marlene in my life for many years. Marlene has been my teacher and spiritual guide (angel). She has supported me through physical, emotional and spiritual challenges that appeared to be overwhelming. Marlene helped me to meet those challenges with courage, optimism and faith. I am so fortunate to have attended many of her workshops, sessions and courses. Recently I have connected with Marlene to build my “Healing Practice”. Her “Network for Success” group has given me confidence to offer my gifts to the world. At the beginning I was overwhelmed and intimidated at the prospect of starting a business. I really had difficulty with the whole “business” side of things. I had no idea of where to begin. Marlene has combined intuitive work with business skills in a way that is comfortable for me. I’ve been able to combine my spiritual beliefs with practical steps to move my business forward. With Marlene’s guidance I now feel joyful in offering my services to clients and have a stronger sense of the value of my work. Marlene has a truly generous spirit and I would definitely recommend her coaching sessions for anyone who is interested in starting up or improving their business. Thank you Marlene. – Linda


Caring for Self While Caring for Others

Here are the recording links of all March 2021 sessions from Marlene George, if you were unable to attend or would like to re-watch:

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Access Passcode for all sessions: Care2021!