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Celebrating Birth (Guided Visualization/ Meditation CD)

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The information provided on this recording celebrates parents as well as children. It’s also all about choice: yours as well as theirs. This new generation arrives with intentions to explore and take risks in an environment made safe by our support. This tape will help you understand their mission while you communicate your positive influence on your children. Creative visualizations are included. Listen and learn from the moment of birth, through the nurturing years how to create a supportive setting for your children to grow in an atmosphere of joyful abundance. This CD is an excellent guide for parents from pregnancy to the birth of the baby through childhood.

Celebrating Birth CD:

  1. Celebrating Birth
  2. Communicating With Your Baby –  Sample Excerpt
  3. Visualization For Baby’s Delivery And Welcome Tape
  4. Visualizing A Happpy Life For You And Your Baby
  5. Exercises
  6. Words To Welcome Your Baby
  7. Exercises